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JMatPro® in brief

JMatPro® is a product of Sente Software Ltd. in Guildford/UK. We are representative in German speaking countries and offer sales, support, services and trainings.
JMatPro® is the best-practice tool for the calculation of temperature-dependent materials properties for a variety of technical alloys,
e.g. steels, nickel, aluminum, titanium, magnesium, cobalt, zirconium, copper alloys and tin-based solder:

  • Phase equilibria, phase transformations based on thermodynamics/Calphad
  • Solidification simulation (Scheil, back diffusion)
  • Phase transformation and precipitation diagrams (TTT, CCT, TTP),
  • Physical properties, e.g. thermal expansions, heat capacities
  • Mechanical-technological properties, e.g. strength, flow curves
  • Export of material cards to various CAE systems

Effective use in many companies

JMatPro® is popular in many companies around the world and is also increasingly used in education and research:

  • Development / optimization of materials / technologies
  • Generation of material data for CAE / FEM calculations

JMatPro® has an easy to use graphical user interface and is also liked by occasional users. Even for complex alloys it delivers tangible results in a short time.

A table summarising the available JMatPro® calculation types per material type is available for download here.


JMatPro® in Action

The free demo version of JMatPro® offers a large number of calculated examples for different alloy systems

Application examples

Unique Selling Points

  • JMatPro® is unique worldwide by the combination of solid and user-friendly thermodynamics (CalPhaD) together with the calculation of material properties
  • JMatPro® provides consistent results over a wide range of compositions by applying solid thermodynamics + physically based models
  • JMatPro® extends equilibrium calculations by application of practical calculation modules for phase transformations and precipitations
  • JMatPro® has a great usability and requires minimal effort for learning and training
  • JMatPro® uses fast and robust algorithms, so that even complex multi-component alloys are calculated in short time
  • JMatPro® allows the calculation of accurate material cards for a variety of CAE systems

Users and Community

  • JMatPro is continuously developed by the team of from Sente Software in England. Regular user meetings in Germany and the USA ensure a lively exchange with users, so that further development remains relevant to practice.
  • The group of satisfied users is growing continuously - we try to strengthen the exchange of experiences in the form of customer days, user meetings and specific training courses. Feel free to ask us for references for your industry.

Interfaces to CAE systems - material cards

  • Simufact (Simufact.forming - forming simulation, Simufact.premap - heat treatment simulation)
  • Deform (Deform - forming simulation, Deform-HT - heat treatment simulation)
  • Forge (forming simulation)
  • COMSOL Multiphysics (heat treatment simulation)
  • QForm (forming simulation)
  • Abaqus (forming simulation)
  • LS-Dyna (forming simulation)
  • Dynaweld (forming simulation)
  • Sysweld (welding simulation)
  • Ansys (generic FEM simulation)
  • Magmasoft (solidification simulation)
  • TherCast (solidification simulation)
  • Flow3D (solidification simulation)

Data can also be written as ASCII files or extracted using copy / paste.

Additional information

Resellers for other countries can be found here.

Much more information can be found on the website of Sente Software Ltd., e.g.:

JMatPro Demo Version Download of articles and docs