Integration of material knowledge in the company

EDA KI (Knowledge Integration) is a unique knowledge management system in EDA

Your Requirements

Knowledge is more than data and information - and should be securely available to the entire organization

Our Solutions

EDA KI allows data, information and knowledge to be brought together - decision support in the right places

Benefits of EDA KI

  • Generation of internal, sustainable knowledge
  • Linking of knowledge and data with the material objects, thus ensuring access and traceability at all times
  • High time saving when searching for information
  • Easy provision of the knowledge database for all employees


  • Knowledge is centered on a few employees and / or in chaotic file systems
  • Information that is important and essential for the company is often lost and many ideas, developments and tests are carried out several times because there is no documentation and no knowledge management
  • New employees take too long to be productive. When long-term employees leave, their knowledge is lost


  • The integrated Wiki system makes it possible to create documents linked to data, equations, images, videos, models and references
  • LaTeX integration allows to create high-quality corporate layouts for documents and printouts
  • Application reports and research reports are knowledge trees with linked information and can be developed, merged and reused in a team
  • Literature, bibliographies and external documents of all kinds can be integrated in digital form and are available to users in full text
  • Searching the documents is very efficient due to the full text search