Data transfer for material information and test certificates

Transfer of declarations of conformity according to DIN SPEC 9012

Reading, evaluating, validating and transferring laboratory reports and test certificates with associated data

Your Requirements

Secure and cost-efficient transmission of data, even from work tests with curve data

Our Solution

Every participant in the supply chain has to make sure that the requested documentation is delivered

Benefits of EDA DX

  • Automation of the process through a machine-readable format
  • Unification of the certificate and the corresponding test data in one file
  • The different results of the certificates can be compared in EDA
  • Test data and curve data can be visualized, evaluated and assessed
  • Unique assignment of companies and certificates through Unique Identifier (UUID)

Challenges in data exchange

  • The documentation is done with so-called certificates of conformity. These are usually available as PDF files and must be manually transferred, read and evaluated
  • Especially the test data of material tests, which are required by NADCAP, are often not available in digital form. And if they are available as table data, the clear assignment to a certificate is missing
  • The result is a collection of unstructured data in PDFs, tables and other formats. Inconsistent structures, wrong naming and different units are the result
  • Missing unique ID's for the certificates and the different companies complicate the process even more

Data exchange according to DIN SPEC 9012

  • The certification data is converted into a neutral and safe format
  • Data is consistent in a defined format, in a single structure
  • This format can then be shared with any other party for downstream use

EDA DX Capabilities

  • EDA DX is able to read and write eCoC-Data (DIN SPEC 9012)
  • Digitalize the CoC process by automation and machine-readable formats
  • Compare results from different certificates
  • Interface with existing ERP Systems

Flow of Information & Data

Supplychain is much more complex in the real world!